Sunprime Offers

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Only Self Catering guests:

For breakfast                                                                                     80.50 € per person per week

For inclusive with dinner, without lunch                                              190.00 € per person per week

For inclusive with lunch                                                                     279.00 € per person per week

For All Inclusive                                                                               400.00 € per person per week

Only Breakfast guests:

For Inclusive without lunch                                                               133.00 € per person per week

For Inclusive with lunch                                                                    221.00 € per person per week

For All Inclusive                                                                               343.00 € per person per week

Sunprime Inclusive: 7 Breakfast + 5 Lunch + 5 Dinner

Sunprime Inclusive without lunch: 7 Breakfast + 5 Dinner

For the Inclusive packages the service is everyday except Wednesday & Saturday

For All Inclusive is every day

For more information please contact reception, public relations officer or a member of the staff.